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Enabling your team

Offering easy to understand training and handouts to allow you or members of your team to add content and make changes to your website and store.

Social media training and integration can also be included if you wish.

We offer self-paced training – webinars, video and documentation,  remote training – with zoom or microsoft teams, as well as on-site training to offer one to one or train the trainer sessions.

Whatever training you decide works best for you or your employees, it will be jargon free and easy to understand.

All of our standard packages have access to the self-paced training material. If you wish to discuss more in depth training please get in touch.

Training we can offer

  • Site management  – adding new pages and posts
  • Store management – adding new categories, products, shipping information, discounts, promotions etc.
  • Social media management – posting, campaigns and engaging with your audience
  • Collaboration – employee engagement, social tooling / enterprise, Office 365 etc.

Why Training & Employee Engagement?

1 %
More productive

With just a small amount of training your staff can be upto 50% more productive. Keeping staff up to date and engaged also boost productivity and encourages staff to stay with a company longer.

1 Mins
of training

On average employees only recieve 12 mins of training every 6 months and in companies with more than 500 employees that drops to just 6 mins!

1 %
Of all web traffic is mobile

With a small amount of training we can enable you to engage with your target audience via social media and web site, and help with employee engagement with internal  news and training also.

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