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Looking forward to MWLUG


If you are heading to MWLUG later this month Sharon is speaking – SA106: Practical Solutions for Connections Administrators. As Christoph Stoettener can not make MWLUG Sharon will be flying solo.

If you are unable to attend please check out the website or download the white paper.

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ConnCtrl bash script for IBM Connections

My good friend Mr Tim Clark asked me this morning if there was a script available for starting and stopping IBM Connections on Red Hat (RHEL) – I know lots of people do have them, but wasn’t aware of one that was available to the community.

So we wrote one ..

The script has a bunch of variables to allow you to input the path to the WebSphere deployment manager and nodes, and a place to enter the names of your Connections servers.

Please visit Tim’s blog for all the information and to download the script.