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Most frequent questions and answers

What is hosting ?

Hosting is the storing of your website and content. We use one of the largest web hosting and domain providers in Europe – over 1.5 million websites are hosted at our provider. Meaning you are with a reliable and trustworthy company.

Is my data safe ?

Working with one of the leading hosting providers in Europe means your data is very safe. As well as industry standard security, there are provisions in place for GDPR data regulation, regular backups and upgrades and very little downtime.

Will I own my domain name ?

YES! We have heard from lots of our customers that when they buy a website they don’t actually own the domain name. With us the Domain is registered to you or your business and we are technical contacts. This allows us to manage and maintain the web site and its associated email addresses on your behalf.

Is is expensive ?

Contrary to popular belief, no it isn’t. A simple one page site with domain registration and set up starts at just £59.  We cater for business of all sizes and requirements.
Please see our services and prices for the full range of flexible options available.

Can I manage my own site/content ?

You can. Once the site is set up if you want to manage it yourself that is no problem at all. We will step back and be on hand if you need us. If you would like us to manage the changes on the site that is also no problem. Just send us the content and we will ensure it is updated.

I already have a site- can you manage it ?

Yes we can. Depending on how it is configured and where the domain is hosted it can also be transfered to our hosting provider also if you wish. Our management fees start at just £8.99 per month  for simple site management.


Web Design

We can help get your business or idea on the web quickly and without breaking the bank. After getting to know you and your requirements we will work together to make your dream become a reality

Social Media / Marketing

Often  a mindfield of confusion for a new business. Link your website and social media streams to keep marketing manageable.


If you require a storefront to sell products, goods or services we can help. Making online selling simple, with paypal and other integrations – allowing selling your product with no addional fees.

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