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At Cube Soft we offer a wide range of services for clients of all sizes from a work at home small business to global manufacturing companies.

We have over 17 years experience in working with Web, WebSphere, E-Commerce and Social Business based technologies and it is something we are passionate about. Our clients and customers are spread across the globe and based in the UK, USA, Canada and across Europe.

IBM Connections

IBM Connections Consultancy, Administration, Build and Architecture, Admin training, User adoption and Management

IBM WebSphere

IBM WebSphere Consultancy, Administration, Build and Architecture, Admin training and Management

Sell your product or service

Fully managed e-commerce service for small and home businesses and Charities.

Create a fantastic Website

Websites with WordPress, Drupal or Joomla - Blog, Image Gallery, Social tooling for Business, Personal and Community use.

Gaming Communities

Guild and Clan sites for Gamers – Enjin, EQDKP, Forums, TeamSpeak and other gaming essentials

Remote Support and helpdesk

Dedicated support and remote administration - For IBM WebSphere, Connections and other ICS products, Web and Commerce.