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Issues with CCM, Cognos and looking up Domino LDAP users using complex filters

Thanks to Martin Leyrer for pointing this technote out

There appears to be an issue with CCM and Cognos integration if you are using domino LDAP and are using complex ldap search filters

The CCM symptoms are:

When LDAP users try to access a community library they have the following error:

“The library may have been deleted or modified, or your access may have changed. Try reloading. If that fails, contact the library owner.”


When user clicks into the Library, there is no “Upload Files” or “New Folder” buttons present, even though they are a Community Member or Owner

This does not happen for non-LDAP local users like ‘wasadmin’.

The Cognos symptoms are:

it’s not possible to add LDAP users to the IbmConnectionsMetricsAdmin role, but it is possible to add non-LDAP local users like ‘wasadmin’


Good news there is a fix

You must contact Domino Support to obtain a Hotfix for SPR CAHT959LQG for your specific Domino version

The Full description of the problem can be found in the technote here

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